Monthly Magazine (1803)

Monthly Magazine 15 (June 1803), 622. 

"Female Biography; or, Memoirs of illustrious and celebrated Women of all Ages and Countries. Alphabetically arranged, by Mary Hays, 6 vols."

     In these volumes we contemplate the laudable and successful exertions of a female to rescue her sex from the charge of being endued with inferior powers of mind. The lords of the creation may, in these entertaining and well written volumes, read the lives of above 280 females, who have been celebrated for virtue, wisdom, or fortitude, by authors of various nations. The authorities are, chiefly, Ballard, Bayle, and Gibbons; the Dictionaire Historique, Biographium Faemineum, and some individual historians. – The man who enjoys not the love of the fair sex is forlorn and solitary in the bosom of society: he who deserves not their love, who returns its kind offices with scorn, unkindness, or neglect, is a monster!