1763 July 24

Letter III. Peter Jaco, London, to George Merryweather, Yarm, Yorkshire, 24 July 1763.


London 24 July 1763


My dear Friend,

             As the Preachers destined for your Circuit are all set off I need not trouble you with their names expecting you will be acquainted with both names and persons e’er this comes to hand. It is probable you are by this time inform’d that I’m to be a neighbour to you the ensuing year, in the Birstal Circuit by which I promise myself the pleasure of paying a visit now and then[.]

             I’m glad that your House is so Forward and suppose Mr Manners will have the satisfaction of opening it to the benefit of many. You can’t have greater or better success than I wish you.

             I’m really in a bad state of health at present and have little prospect of being better but thro’ infinite mercy find entire resignation to his will who has an undoubted and absolute Righ[t] to dispose of us as seemeth right to his unerring Wisdom.

             I have (I hope happily) adapted our favourites pathetic prayer “O! may I breath[e] no longer, than I breath[e] my soul to him who gave my soul; with all her infinite of prospect Fair.’ This my dear Friend is what we want – 

             I hope you all go on well, and that our Friends in Yarm Stockton especially Hartlepool are in a prosperous way. DrGeorge let us mind to-day! My Love to my good Friends Messrs Waldey Howard, Hicks Mrs Walter and all Friends When you are at Hartlepool remember me in the kindest manner to our Friends there.

             The Lord bless you all. So prays your affectionate brother

                                    in our common Lord

                                                                         P. Jaco


PS. Let me hear from you the first opportunity. Exuse haste


Address: To Mr George Merryweather |Merchant in Yarm |via Northallerton Bogg |Yorkshire