1 May 1793

John Disney, Sloane Street, to Mary Hays, Gainsford Street, Wednesday Evening, 1 May 1793.1


Sloane Street. Wed: Eveng

May. 1st 1793.

Dear Madam

      I returned home last night from my expedition into Glosshire,2 & take the first opportunity of fixing on the first day that a predisposed arrangement of things will admit, in the hope of seeing you & your sister in Sloane Street.

      Mrs D & my daur wd have been glad to have seen you at your own time, but I am a gainer by the adjournment. If you can make it convenient to meet us at Chapel in Essex Street on Sunday morng and will accompany my wife & daughter in their coach home immediately after morning service, & partake of a plain joint of Butcher’s meat ^to dinner,^ I think we may have spend our day without any breach of the Xian sabbath.

      With our united best respects to Mrs Hays, your sister, self, & house, I am

                         Dear Madam

                                    your affectionate friend

                                                J D.

Address: Miss Hays | Gainsford Street | Southwark

1 A. F. Wedd Collection, shelfmark 24.93(5), Dr. Williams's Library, London; Brooks, Correspondence 280-81.

2 Gloucestershire