7 April:  Last night I received from Mrs. Clarkson a proof of Lord Brougham’s preface to the new edition of the History. It has a monstrous passage about me which annoys me and on account of which I sent to Sheppard to breakfast with me – Layard also with me. This supplied matter for talk all the forenoon. I continued the rest of the morning alone dining in chambers and I walked down to Walworth to see the Hays – My old friend M: H: is I find of Clarkson’s year – We talked de omnibus except the subject on my mind – I went early to bed after reading the Examiner etc.

19 April:  I had a call from Brown, clerk in Greenwich Pension Pay Office recommended by Miss Hays with a memorial complaining of a grievance in being injured by official arrangements – he wanted me to introduce him to Serjeant Talfourd – I told him this would be of no use – On Saturday I wrote a short letter to Parker one of the Lords of the Treasury to whom it will be referred which is all I can do for him. I mean to write to Pryme but Ifear it requires influence of a different kind from any Ihave to be of use. I had a letter from Brougham today on the subject of the Preface – He wrote coolly saying he had directed the proof to be sent me as he was not sure of the correctness of what he wrote!!! Of course he assented to my alterations. I called on him on Saturday – We did not speak on this subject but I then took the corrected proof to Mr. Parker’s and with directions to have the revise sent to me.