Peckham Lane, Surrey

Peckham Lane, Surrey, 1818-1819

Hays moves here in the spring of 1818 (maybe earlier) though Crabb Robinson's first visit is in May 1818. After her return from Bristol in 1816 she stayed with various relations, but mostly with Thomas Hays in Mill Street, Dockhead, or with the Wedds in Gainsford Street, both of whom were living near their businesses. She stays in Peckham through late summer 1819. Most likely she is living in the home of John Fenn, corn dealer, 116 Tooley Street, Borough (Robson’s 1820 London Directory (p. 196), and probably a family friend. Mrs. Fenn kept a school there but it does not appear that Hays had anything to do with the school. There were Fenns associated with the Baptist Congregation at Maze Pond at this time,  and this may well be members of the same family.