Hugh Worthington, Jr.

Hugh Worthington (1752-1813) was slightly older than Mary Reid, Mary Hays, and Elizabeth Coltman, but known to them all in the 1790s through his earlier Leicester connections and his later career in London. He studied at Daventry Academy under Caleb Ashworth, a friend of the poet Anne Steele. He came to London in 1774 as the afternoon preacher for the Dissenting congregation meeting in Salters' Hall. He was ordained as minister there in 1782 and remained with that congregation until his death in 1813. Hugh Worthington, Sr. (1712-97), was minister at the Great Meeting, Leicester, from 1743-97, the congregation in which Hays's friend and correspondent, Mary Reid, was raised, along with her friend, Elizabeth Coltman. Worthington, Jr., was an Arian, but opposed to the Socinian influence among the Unitarians.  His letters to Hays are included in this site and can also be found in Hays's letters to Unitarian ministers.