Among the anecdotes of the day ^incidents of the time which excited my feelings^ I mention that durin this month of December I was exerting myself in behalf of poor Mrs Fenwick– A most interestg lady – reduced to extreme poverty by the folly of an Irish husband – A generous heedless man who in thoughtless generosity threw away a fortune & reduced himself & wife & children to a state of destitution They he was a political Jacobin And Irish Jacobin ^Malcontent^ A few years earlier would have been (perhaps indeed was) a rebel And would have been later a rebel ^[illegible word]^ – He wrote violent pamphlets She was one of Phillips’s dependents – She was worked to the bone by a hard task master – I & other friends managed to raise a sum to buy her a little furniture to spare the expence of furnished lodgings – And she applied the money in fitting out her daur for the stage in which she failed – They went over to America where Mrs F & her daur kept a school – Long dead