29 January

Tuesday. Antonio, p. 35/2, 36/2. Mlle Le Canu, M Hays & miss Reid: dine at Johnson, w. Paterson (Coryat), Norgate, Wells & Newnum. 


20 February 

Wednesday. Antonio, 8 lines. Mackintosh's Lecture; see W W, Wedgwoods, Allens, Carlisle, Batty, Hazlitt, C Marsh & C Moore: dine at Fell dines: call on M Hays: sup at Fell's. 


10 April 1799

Wednesday. Write to Wedgwood. Bathos, pp. 62: Noble Kinsmen, acts 1 & 2: Johnson, p. 312. Call on M Hays. 


5 July 

Friday. St Leon, p. 155. West, p. 146. Tea M Hays's, w. Fanny, H Robinson & Cristal: Dibbin & L J sup. 

31 July

Wednesday. St Leon, p. 187. Orleans, Strand; adv. Opie, Barry & Hoare: M dines: tea Opie's, w. M Hays, H Robinson & Fenwicks. 

20 September

Friday. Gibbon, p. 456: Henry VI, acts 2 & 3: Simple Story, p. 169. Fell calls: M dines: call on M Hays.

21 December

Saturday. Duke of Guise, acts 2. Coleridge & L J na call: meet Batty: evg, M Hays's; adv. H Robinson: M sups. call on Reynolds n