1764 December 12

Letter VII. Peter Jaco, near Leeds, to George Merryweather, Yarm, 12 December 1764.


Near Leeds 12 Decr 1764.


             Surely my Friend must conclude that his acquaintance must be a person universally known to put a Letter into the Office with only the simple direction ‘to Mr Jaco at the Preaching House’?

             I had really concluded that either my Letter had miscarried or that you did not think it worth your Notice! But after my little stock of patience was well nigh exhausted your Favour came to hand, after a Journey of near a thousand mile!

            I hope your success of Business will never so far Intrude on your better Part, as to make you neglect in any measure the main Chance. Remember my dear Friend the shrewd reply of the Painter to one that observed the slowness of his Pencil, ‘I paint for Eternity.’ May the whole of my Friends procedure be imprest with this glorious delcaration, ‘I Live for Eternity!’

             My real affection for my Friends at Yarm, Stockton, Hartlepool &c would be a sufficient Motive to induce me to a compliance with your kind request, but at present the prospect is distant. Next week I begin taking in the Subscription for the Public Fund, which will confine me near 2 months, & supposing this was out of the way, the length of the Journey, badness of my Horse, dirtiness of the roads, expence of Travelling &c would hinder me from attempting it till the days lengthen, and the roads mend.

             All in my power at present is to attend you with my poor prayers which I trust shall never be wanting.

             My little Family are much better thro’ mercy. I’m at present the worst, having been greatly exercised with my old complaint since the rainy season has commenced. I’m at present in the Leeds Round, but am to go into my own Circuit tomorrow.

             I hope yourself and Spouse are striving together for the hope of the Gospel. My daily prayer is, that you may continue to agree together in the Unity of the Spirit and in the Bond of Peace, Amen.

             Is our Friend at Hartlepool alive? I sent her a Letter some time ago with a request to send me a Stone of Fish & a note of the price. The Fish is come safe to hand but not a single Line with it so that I’m at a loss how to send her the money or what to send.

             My kind respects to Mrs Merryweather Miss Nancy, Mr Waldey, Mrs Watters Mr and Mrs Hicks and all others of my Friends at Yarm Hartlepool &c &c &c, Please to accept the same yourself from Dr Georege

                                    Yours most Affectionately while

                                                                                     P. Jaco


My Wife desires her Love.

Let me hear from you soon & please to be at the trouble of adding at Birstal near Leeds. – I sincerely wish you a good Xtmas


To | George Merryweather | Mercht at | Yarm


Peter Jaco is mentioned in the will of John Wesley, who left him his London bureau.