14 January: I walked westward after breakfast – Saw Mr Quillinan at home and chatted about Wordsworth and the Catholic question. Then called on Miss Hayes at her lodgings in Pimlico – She is but an invalide. Then dined at the Athenaeum and after that went to Covent Garden –

27 January: Forenoon at home over Italian – A call from the younger Sharpe A call on Miss Hayes – found her very poorly indeed – Dined at the Athenaeum and then went to the Mereweathers with whom took tea and spent several hours – An agreeable whist party – Mrs M: is a very clever and excellent woman with 10 children – a manager, but also one who talks well – They are kind friends of Hundleby and she a great favourite with Mr Quayle – Afterwards went again to th Athen: There I wrote to Col: Kennedy a second letter (not being satisfied with the first) about Procter which Amyot said he would get franked. Read a pamphlet against the “Parks & Palaces” and went on with Rank and Talent.

19 April: Paynter breakfastd with me – After a long chat with him I walked down to Charing Cross where I took a Greenwich stage and rode down to Deptford. Chatted with Souchay, young Schlemmer – a sensible man and the Beneckes. W: B: and Schlemmer walked with me down to Greenwich – After leaving my name at Kay’s I went to Mrs Hays and had a long and friendly lounge with Mrs H: and at 5 returned to dine with the Ks – an agreeable dinner – an elderly man Achd Bond an architect whom I formerly met at Pordens and a young man – A: Pictet who talks well having travelled a good deal. Tho’ I was sensible of my rheumatism I was in excellent spirits and really enjoyed the evening. I went to the Athenaeum and there read till late as usual.

13 June Saturday night: This, I trust my last day in England for some time has been spent as such days are in fatiguing walks – packing, arranging etc etc – I rose early – made a new Will which I copied and executed at chambers afterwards – Mr Roberts and Hagran were witnesses – I went to Hammersley’s for some of their notes and I made a call at the Athenaeum – I sent off notes to Miss Hayes to Mr Fenner – I called on Mrs Green and I bought various articles –