Norwood Lodge, South London, 1832-33

Norwood Lodge was a massive home and extensive grounds in South London, seven miles south of the City of London along Camberwell Road, through Denmark Hill and Champion Hill and on to the end of the road at Crown Inn, the border between Lambeth and Surrey.  John Hays moved his family here c. 1823, for his last child, Alfred, was christened in the parish church to which Norwood Lodge belonged. Henry Crabb Robinson walked to Norwood Lodge in 1832 to visit Mary Hays when she lived there with her brother just after the death of Elizabeth Breese Hays, wife of John Hays, in September 1832. Not long after her death, John Hays moved his family to a smaller home at Grosvenor Place, Camberwell, where Mary Hays would continue to reside with his family until late in 1839.