5 February:  … At the Athen: where I took soup and chatted with Strutt and Shiel – Took tea and made a short call on Hays – My old friend Mary H: is become quite the old woman – no wonder – she is more than 70. …

9 February: … I walked to Herne Hill calling on the Hays and on Mrs. Curtis by the way and then I dined by self invitation with Baldwin – A very agreeable visit from the warm-heartedness of the family in spight of the annoyance of the political talk of Mr. B:- I walked home late & read a little German in bed.

30 March: … I then went to the Athen: where I intended to remain a short time only meaning to go to Mr. Hays – but it rained so bad that I could not even go to Collier’s but remained there till near one – I enjoyed the evening much –

 3 April:  I kept within all the forenoon except that I called on Paynter and I took gruel at home as an alterative – I felt the better for it. In the afternoon I went to Mr. Hays and took tea with them – Miss H:is now quite the old woman but she was mild and amiable and I enjoyed the gossip with them. …

19 June:  I then after a hasty cup of tea walked down to Mr. Hays whom I had not called on for a long time – My old friend Mary H: unchanged in ultra radicalism She and Mr. J: T: Rutt seem quite parallel in their political and religious stationeriness – I called late at Aders but the As were out – I feel quite fatigued with such a succession of active idleness but from this I shall never reform.

20 July: … I then walked to the Athen: I met on the road Mr. Hays and accompanied him to Mrs. Brown’s where was Miss H: – Young Brown tho’ a forward and somewhat conceited young man interested me on account of his mother – he is succeeding as an architect. After this I read in Ph: v. Artevelde till late aid enjoyed tins perusal. Home.  


14 December: … From the Athen: I walked to Camberwell – A call on the Hayes – I was glad to hear that the late Mr. Atkinson had been before his death reconciled to Mr. H: and had by a codicil given to his children a daurs share of his property – This Justice to Mr. H: who has been ill treated by the children of his late wife by her first husband is very gratifying to him. I dined with the Baldwins and had as usual an agreeable evening – He is in high spirits at the change of the ministry – He seems to think that the Duke and Sir Robert will be reforming ministers – a good sign certainly – and he affects at least to be quite sure that the Ministry will stand their ground with a new House of Commons – The dissolution it is supposed will take place immediately – I had no difficulty in treating lightly and as suits an after dinner conversation, these serious matters – Feeling as I do so little of a partisan. If I could by a wish determine the character of the new House of Commons it should contain few radicals – merely enow to enable the party to say all they wish. The Whigs should be just strong enough to resume their place, but with so very powerful a Tory opposition as to be restrained from measures of destructive violence. Called again at Hayes on my return and in bed read Paul de Koch’s novel.