30 April: … Found Miss Hayes very well  She related to me with pleasure that Orlando Fenwick was taken by Mr Wilkinson into his School [at West Hill] (near Mr Hayes’s) for 30£s instead of £50 – And her brother promises to procure him a cadetship in India two years hence when his education is completed.

      Mr Christ Dunkin & Wife Mr Thos Dunkin (late officer in the army) & wife were to dine there And I staid    We had a political argumt of the worst description because it was most stupid – But there was hardly another topic open to us in such a party.

11 November 1811:  A walk to Wandsworth:  Spent the day with Miss Hays.  I found her not quite in good spirits, but she good naturedly excused my havg been so little at W. durg the last year. Her brother, not a young man & on whom the females of the family have replied for assistance, is abot to marry, under circumsts not pleast to his relations.