c. August 1811 (2)

Eliza Fenwick, [Vauxhall], to Mary Hays, Wandsworth Common, Friday, 2 o’clock, undated [c. August 1811], no postmark.1

My dear friend,

    I am troubling you again you perceive – I have heard from Eliza who desires I will inform you that at last the tickets for Mr Hayes house are within her reach and if you will appoint any Monday after next she will procure them.

     Yesterday being a Jewish holiday I went to Town & had the disagreableness [sic] of a walk home through all the mud of this most muddy Road. Eliza expected to learn yesterday the precise time of her sailing, but Mr Dyke could not give her exact exact information. He still supposes it will be the latter end of this month. I believe I told you that a Mr & Mrs Adamson who went with us to Ireland & whom we afterwards met in Scotland were engaged in this scheme; greatly to Elizas satisfaction. They are come to town and Mr Adamson assures me he will pay every attention to Eliza’s interest & comfort in his power. He was bred a lawyer, and he will look to Elizas articles – They have agreed to sign together & as Mr Adamson has had some years of troublesome Theatrical experience, he understands so well what stipulations to make, that he will be a better guide to Eliza than the Chancellor himself could be in such circumstances.

     I saw George Dyer2 yesterday who enquired particularly after your health & literary labours.

     You will let me know as soon as you have fixed on Mr Hayes Monday.

     I fear my walking scheme for next Saturday or Sunday will not prosper.

             Adieu yrs most truly

                              E Fenwick

Friday 2 oClock

Address: For | Miss Hays | Wandsworth Common.

Postmark: none

1 Fenwick Family Papers, Correspondence, 1798-1855, Unpublished Letters, New York Historical Library; does not appear in Wedd, Fate, or Brooks, Correspondence.

2 Mary Hays's old friend and corespondent from the 1790s.