Joanna Hays Dunkin

Joanna Hays Dunkin (1754-1805), eldest sister of Mary Hays, married John Dunkin in 1774. Both families attended the Baptist chapel in Gainsford Street. Like her mother and sister Sarah, Joanna Dunkin remained an orthodox Baptist to her death. She appears often in the Hays-Eccles correspondence, living next door at that time (1779-80) to Mrs. Hays and her children in Gainsford Street. She had ten children, with some not even into heir teenage years when she died in 1805. She was a close friend of the wife of the wealthy tanner, Joseph Gutteridge (1752-1844), who was a leader in the Baptist congregation at Little Prescot Street, Goodman’s Fields, London. The Dunkins and Gutteridges were neighbors in the Denmark Hill-Champion Hill area of Camberwell between 1796 and 1804.