Sampson Kingsford

Sampson Kingsford (1740-1821) was the chief minister at the General Baptist meeting in Black Friars, Canterbury, from 1771 until his death on 27 August 1821. Mary Hays visited the Kingsfords at their home in Wepham near Canterbury in the summer of 1799 (see Eliza Fenwick to Mary Hays, 30 August [1799], Fenwick Family Papers, New York Historical Society Library), so connections with Elizabeth Hays and the Kingsfords most likely dates from that same period. How the two families became close enough to allow for one to host the other for a visit is not known. Elizabeth Kingsford (b. 1783) of the Vicarage at Kensworth was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Kingsford and most likely a relation of Sampson Kingsford. The same was probably true for Mrs Kennett Kingsford of Beeleigh, Essex, whose husband purchased the Beeleigh Steam Mill in 1822 from John Dunkin. Beeleigh is the same village in which several of Elizabeth Lanfear’s relations on the Dunkin side lived (some of whom also subscribed to Fatal Errors).