30 September 1814

Penelope Pennington, Hot Wells, to Mary Hays, 5 Felix Terrace, Islington, Middlesex, 30 September 1814.1

Hot Wells 30th Sept. 181[4] 

      On Wednesday Evening we reposed once more under our own Roof, and found all well; which after 7 weeks passed without Accident, or vexation, in an absence from Home I consider peculiarly fortunate, and am most thankful to Providence for the protecting Care we have experienced during that changeful period. – We had luxuriated in kindness, and in every sort of gratification that a sweet Country and excellent Table cou’d afford, sharing our stay at Mr Warrens pleasant Vicarage,2 and most sincerely regretted leaving our amiable Friends; but there was a magic in the Idea of Home; as every Mile brought us nearer to it, that render’d the prospect of that Haven the predominant Feeling of our Minds.

       The affectionate Friends we had left there met us [at] the Threshold with smiling Countenances, and all was Joy! – I found my poor Mother even improved [in] Health, but her Intellects still more infirm! – She had happily [no] consciousness of our absence, but all powerful Nature, through this Night of the Soul, struck some Chord of feeling at the sound of my Voice, as frequent passions of Tears testified in the course of the first 12 Hours after my return, without her being able to assign any reason for them. –

       Yesterday I gave up to a little arrangement of my own Concerns, & an examination of your Property – all seems in very good condition but the frame of the Writing Desk which, I am very sorry to tell you, from being badly packed, is broken to pieces.

       This morning your Bedstead is putting up. – I have found the Hangings, but not the Key you directed me to, which certainly is not in the “Drawer of the Pembroke Table” so I can go no further; but thus you see, dear Friend, I am employing myself in anticipating the pleasure of your arrival. – Be assured your Bedding &c is, and shall be thoroughly aired – I shall not expect the happiness of seeing you until Tuesday Evening – because if you travel all Night, or however you come, I hope you will repose a few Hours in Bath, which must be necessary to a Frame delicate, and a mind sensitive as yours. – Carriages are coming every Hour in the Day from Bath, to Bristol; – an excellent Coach, & careful Driver, comes every Fore noon to the Wells at 3 oClock, and will set you down at my Door at Six in which I recommend you to come. – [A]t that Hour I shall be looking out for you & my Heart and Arms will involuntarily open to receive and welcome you – I hope this will reach you in time to give me a line that may ascertain to me this pleasure – Adieu till we meet happy may the Hour prove to us all – Mr Pennington joins warmly in this wish and desires you will [ac]cept the assurance of his best Respects & Regards. Thank God his Health is much improved, and I trust established by our Excursion, and when that is the case of myself I make but little account – I am however tolerably well and very sincerely and affectionately


                                                P. S Pennington

The Coach I recommend comes from the White Hart Inn near the Pump Room Bath every Day at 3 oClock  There is also one to the Wells, equally eligible at 4 oClock from the White Lion Broad Street Bath. – or perhaps it is designated the Market Place. –


Address: Mrs M: Hays |No 5 Felix Terrace |Islington |Middlesex

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1 Misc. Ms. 2190, Pforzheimer Collection, NYPL; Brooks, Correspondence 530-31.

2 See previous letters by Pennington.