4 December 1807

Mary Hays, Islington, to William Tooke, Bedford Row, Holborn, 4 December 1807.1


       Will you think me importunate, my good friend, if I ask, whether I am likely, through your kind interposition, to have any acceptable intelligence to give to my friend Mrs Fenwick.

      I have hitherto been silent to her on the subject, from the fear of exciting premature or illgrounded expectation; & I will continue this silence till you favour me with a line.

       I will not apologize for the trouble I give you, because your manner & countenance, when I spoke to you on this subject, were such as to convince me, that <-> apologies would be superfluous.

       I believe, I should feel it very difficult to ask a favour of those whom I did not greatly esteem – And this, you will perhaps recollect, is by no means the first that I have ventured to ask of you.

       When a fairer season arrives, I hope to see you and Mrs Tooke in my little cabin, for cottage it has no title to be called.

       Present my respects to Mrs T & your family, and believe me, with lively sentiments of esteem, your obliged & sincere friend

        M Hays.

Decr 4th. 1807.



Address: Wm Tooke Esqr | Bedford Row, | Holborn

Postmark: 7 o’clock, but the rest not visible

Penny Post Unpaid

1 MH 0034, Pforzheimer Collection, NYPL; Brooks, Correspondence 345-46.