Mapping the Residences of

 Mary Hays

Gainsford Street, Southwark, c. 1760s to 1794    

Paragon Place, Walworth, with the Dunkins, 1794-1795

Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, with Ann Cole, October 1795-1799

Little John Street, near Grays Inn Lane, with the Palmers, 1796-1797

Hatton Garden, Holborn, with Ann Cole, 1800-1803

St. George’s Place, Walworth/Camberwell, 1803-1806

Park Street, Islington, living alone and with three nieces, 1806-1809

Wandsworth Common, with her brother Thomas, 1809-1813

Felix Terrace, Islington, with her sister Sarah Hills, 1813-1817 (various times)

Tansor, near Oundle, Northamptonshire, at Mrs. Mackie's school, 1813-14

Dowry Square, Hot Wells, Bristol, with the Penningtons, 1814-1816

The Paragon, Blackheath, with John Hays, 1813-1817 (various times)

Peckham Lane, Surrey, with the Fenns, 1818-1819

Upper Cumming Street, Pentonville, with Ann Cole, 1819-1820

Cross Street, Islington, in a boarding house, 1821-1823

Vanbrugh Castle, Greenwich, with the Browns, 1823-1832

Norwood Lodge, with John Hays, 1832

Grosvenor Place, Camberwell, with John Hays, 1833-40

Clapton, in a boarding house operated by the Misses Farrell, 1840-1843 


Locations of the Residences of some of Hays's Family Members

Canonbury Square, Islington

Felix Terrace/Church Street, Islington 

John Dunkin's Residences

An Overview of the Residences of Mary Hays, 1759-1843