Critical Review (1817)

Critical Review 5 (1817), 432.


Miss Hays is well known as the author of several judicious and entertaining works, besides those mentioned in the title; and among these, of the Brothers, to which the present is a counterpart. The beneficial effect on the young persons it is intended to instruct, will be considerably increased by the contrast which is exhibited between two sisters different in their characters, in their engagements in life, and in the consequences that resulted from the original distinction in the frame and constitution of their minds. There is no method of communicating advice so alluring as when the admonition itself is concealed; and we are instructed rather by example than by precept. This has been the endeavour of our author, and we think her purpose has been successfully accomplished. Nothing can be more pure than the principles and practice she recommends; and while there is much to be learned that is good from the production, there is no evil alloy to diminish the salutary effect.