10 April Thursday:  Hab breakfasted with me – Walked to Greenwich and visited Mrs Hays there. I had intended to dine with Will: Benecke but I was persuaded to alter my plan. I therefore went after a short walk with Mrs H: to Mr W: B: and had a chat of several hours with Mrs B: and the two young ladies and Mr W: B: - Mr B: the father being in Wales, trying to dispose of an unprofitable manufactory there. I returned to Mrs Hills with whom Mrs Hays lives – and dined with Mr Hills & young Wheeler. Old Mrs H: is turned of 70 – quite an invalide – Hills is a respectable man – But the afternoon was rather unpleasant – Mrs H: could not help reproaching me with drowsiness and she was as usual disputatious and rude in disputing. At 10 I rode to Charing Cross on a Greenwich stage which did not set me down till near 12 I took tea late at the Athenaeum.

5 July:  … I left my card at Mrs. Hays and then I found some people in a boat and went down with them. The novelty of the scene rendered it interesting to me tho’ I have little pleasure on the water – I found my key at Andrews which I had left behind and I then went to the Athenaeum where I staid till late as usual.

7 December Sunday:  … After writing in my room for two hours walked to Greenwich & Herne Hill – At G:  a chat with my old friend Miss H: -- Her restless disposition and dissatisfaction with her actual situation though not at all blamable, but rather indications of a superior mind, render her conversation uncomfortable – Besides she is a Stationary as much as any in the French Play – She has not other topics of conversation than the injustice of men towards women in the general system of laws and the notions generally entertained on matters connected with marriage – the superiority of North Americans to Europeans and the benefits to arise from the march of intellect &c &c …