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Sarah Dunkin (1793-1875) m. George Wedd (1785-1854) of Gainsford Street at Hazeleigh Church, Maldon, 20 August 1812.

Children listed in the 1851 census are as follows:

Joanna Dunkin Wedd, age 35, born (5 April 1815) in Southwark, Surrey

Ellen Dunkin Wedd, age 34, born (1816) in Southwark, Surrey

Susanna S. Wedd, 32, born (17 June 1818) in Southwark, Surrey

George Wedd, 29, (c. 1821) born in Southwark, Surrey

Harriet A. Wedd, 29, born (possibly a twin of George above) in Southwark, Surrey

Mary Dunkin Wedd, 25, born (c. 1825) in Greenwich, Kent

Joseph V. Wedd, 21, born (c. 1830) in Greenwich, Kent

Henry Arthur Wedd (21 March 1832-1889), 19, born in Clapton, Middlesex

m. Lydia Budgett. Their daughter, Anne Frances Wedd (1875-1958), published Love Letters (1925) and Fate of the Fenwicks (1927)

Frances E. Wedd, 16, born (c. 1835) in Clapton, Middlesex.

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