22 January

Sunday. Essays, 1 page. Montagu calls: dine at Ht's, w. Stoddart; adv. Thelwal: tea mrs Robinson's, w. mes Hanway, Hays & Wt, Tn, Taylor & Columbine: meet Bosville: call on Dr Moore n.


24 January

Tuesday. Write to Jas Ogilvie. Paine to Washington, pp. 76: Ireland senr, pp. 48: De Sevrac, Vol. III, p. 208. Call on Ritson & Hays: M dines.


11 February

Saturday. Essays, 2 pages. Tom Jones, p. 288. Dine at Robinson, w. Heath & Payne: call on M Hays, & Foulkes n: sup at Nicholson's. 


15 March

Wednesday. Revise C W. Leroux & Hays call: call on Dr Anderson n: dine at Rt Knight's. w. Harry, Portens, Fuller, Dealtry, & Webb, & Greatheeds. 


21 March

Tuesday. Fataliste, p. 156. Call on Carlisle, Burdet, (adv. Maxw[ ] [,], Webb n, B Hollis n, Inchbald (Barry) & mrs Fenwick: meet Frend: tea M Hays's: theatre, Raymond & Agnes. 


2 April

Sunday. Trevor, item. Jno G & Dyson call: dine at Ht's, w. Tuthil, x Cole & Charlotte Mercier: tea M Robinson's, w. Francis, Jerningham, Bourgeois, Roberts, Jackson, Porter, Pratt, Hanways, Taylor, Hays, Opie & Wt. 


14 April

Friday. Revise P J. Task, Bk II. J G breakfasts: Ra. Fell calls: call on Ritson (adv. Macleod) & Hays. 

5 May

Friday. Compere Matthieu, p. 38. M breakfasts: Exhibition, M, A A & Taylor: meet Knight: call on Hays; adv. Tooke. 

29 May

Monday. Compere, p. 66. Bail M, w. Montagu; adv. St, Tweddel junior, Sandwich ^& Templeton: call on Ritson & Hays.  


18 July

Tuesday.  Alonzo, p. 4. Terence, Adel., act 3: Fair Syrian, p. 370, fin. Call on Kearsley, w. Wt; & on M Hays: J Hollis calls. 


23 July

Sunday. Her., Phormio, act 1. Canterbury Tales, p. 396. Dyson calls: call (w. Wt) on Jo G, Carr n, & Barry n: M Hays, Ritson & Addington at tea.  


4 August

Friday. Life, p. 12. Metastasio, p. 18. M Hays at tea. meet Twiss.


12 August

Saturday. Emile, p. 78. Hau Kiou, p. 168, fin. M. Hays calls: meet Webb & Dr Moore.


13 August

Sunday. Alonzo, 10 lines. Pyrology, p. 60: Confessions, p. 252. Hayses dine; adv. Ritson.


16 August

Wednesday. Alonzo, p. 14. Confessions, p. 377. Call on M Hays: M dines; adv. M Reveley: E Fenwick calls. 


27 August

Sunday. Gould calls: call on Ritson: Mar[t?] dines; adv. M Hays & Stoddart.

1 September

Friday. Call on Robinson, Nicholson, Carlisle & M Hays: Johnson calls. favorable appearances. 


4 September

Monday. Belnkinsonp: puppies. Johnson & Nicholsons call: Mastes calls. E Fenwick & M sleeps. M Hays calls. Pichegru arrested. 

5 September

Tuesday. Fordyce twice: Clarke in the afternoon. M Hays calls. 


26 October

Thursday. Letters. Call on Fenwick; adv. M Hays & E Braddock: Stirley calls. 


1 November

Wednesday. Hays calls: call on Heath: Fenwick dine: Opie sups.  


4 November

Saturday. Call on Robinson, Johnson & M Hays: sup at Nicholson's: A Skeys calls. 


7 November

Tuesday. Alonzo, p. 19. Life, 2 pages. Hazlit calls: meet Maxwel: dine at Johnsons, w. Johnsons, Fuseli & Hewlet; adv. Stephens: call on M Hays. 


10 November

Friday. Life, 2 pages. M calls & M Reveley: tea M Hays's, w. Cristal: M Jones dines. 


24 November

Friday. Victim, p. 110. Cotton & Hays call: M dines: theatre, 1/5 Rivals; adv. Ht. 


23 December

Saturday. Fawcet calls: call on M Hays.