Review of The Inquisition  (1797)

Review of The Inquisition [signed 'V.V.']. 2 vols. Vernor and Hood, [n.d.]. Analytical Review 26 (June 1797), 77-78. 

    Superstition is in the present age disarmed, and the inquisition has lost it's terrors, and requires, to interest our imagination, the exquisite painting of a Radcliffe. Exaggerated descriptions of corporal tortures and sufferings are calculated to excite disgust rather than sympathy. A writer of talents knows how to touch our feelings without violating probability or shocking humanity. The present performance [78] has no claims to raise it above the common class of similar productions; the style is somewhat affected, and the sentiments overstrained; but it may amuse their subscribers to the circulating libraries, and will certainly do them no injury.

                                                                 V. V.