26 March 1795

John Disney, [Sloane Street], to Mary Hays, No. 2 Paragon Place, Surry Road, 26 March 1795.1 


Thursday Mar. 26. 95.

Dear Madam

      Not havg reced an answer ^a reply^ to my answer to your note, we fear it has miscarri’d. I can only repeat its principal object part wch was to desire the favor of the house of Hays to dine wh the house of Disney on Thursday next ye 2d of April, at 4 o’clock.

     In haste, with ye compts of all to all. I am Dr Madam

                     yr sincere friend


Address: Miss Hays | No. 2. | Paragon Place | Surry Road.

Postmark: 26 March 95.

1 A. F. Wedd Collection, shelfmark 24.93(9), Dr. Williams’s Library, London; not in Brooks, Correspondence.