John Hays (13 October 1729-April 1774) 

m. Elizabeth Judge Hays (c. 1730-1812) 


The "Memoir" of Mary Hays by E. Kell in the Christian Reformer (1844) says that when John Hays died in 1774, he left behind "a widow and seven children." Heretofore, only six children have been identified. This genealogy includes Marianna Hays, Mary Hays's previously unknown youngest sister, with whom she lives for about a year after her marriage in 1796 to Edward Palmer and who cares for her during her fatal pregnancy that year.  For more on each member of the family, click on the hyperlinked name, which will open the entry in the Biographical Index.


1. Joanna Hays (1754-1805) m. John Dunkin (1753-1827) on 11 July 1774,

2. Sarah Hays (1755-1836) m. Thomas Hills (c. 1753-1803) on 6 August 1776 at St. John, Horsley Down.  Died in her 80th year.

3. Mary Hays (1759-1843) never married.

4. Elizabeth Hays (c. 1765-1825) m. Ambrose Lanfear (c. 1750-1809) at Maldon, Essex, on 14 March 1804. Died in her 59th year in February 1825.

5. John Hays  (1768-1862) m. Elizabeth Atkinson Breese (c.1781-1832) on 4 May 1812 at St. Bride, Fleet Street, London.

6. Thomas Hays  (1772-1856) m. Elizabeth Dunkin (John Dunkin’s half-sister) (b. c. 1775-1832) in 1796. Thomas died in his 84th year.

7. Marianna Hays (1773-1797) m. Edward Palmer (1770-1831) on 4 June 1796 in Southwark. Died in December 1797 in her 25th year. 

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