Mary Hays-John Eccles Correspondence 


Volume 2 (Letters 103-133) 

The second manuscript volume of this correspondence is now missing. The texts have been taken from the only available source, A. F. Wedd's The Love Letters of Mary Hays (London: Methuen, 1925). Unfortunately, some passages were deleted by Wedd, usually material relating to Hays's family and friends (Wedd deleted similar material from the Fenwick letters she published in 1927). Today this material is of great value to scholars attempting to reconstruct Hays's Dissenting circle from the 1780s through the 1840s. These letters, in language reminiscent of the sentimental novels of that time, reveal the depths of Hays's love for Eccles and the devastating consequences his demise caused her both then and, to a certain degree, the remainder of her life. 

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