8 January

Friday. Hume, p. 258: Calonne, p. 126. C dines: tea miss Hayes's, w. Ht & Wolstencraft. Richard 2, act 2. Tuthil calls.


14 January

Thursday. Hume's Essays, Vol. II, p. 35. Dyson calls: call on Mackintosh, Kentish nah & miss Hayes: Dine at Newton's, w. Wolstencraft, mrs Christie, Smith, Bell, Croke, Love, Bateman, Dalby & Blackburnes; adv. Bristol, Wybourne & Incledon.

20 January

Wednesday. Write 3 pages. Henry 4, II, acts 3, 4. Call on Inchbald: tea Hayes's, w. Draper & Brown: meet Lewis cg. [Letter from Westley.]


1 February

Monday. Write to mrs Sothren & a ma mère: J & Harr G, & M call: Fenwick & C dine: call on Montagu n, Carr & miss Hayes. 

2 February

Tuesday. Write to M Hayes. Hume. Dine at King's, w. A B, Rogers & Love: Philomaths, ballot.

8 February

Monday. Write p. 22/2, 23, 24. Twiss, pp. 172: Horsley to the Magdalens, pp. 20: Merry Wives, act 5. C dines: eve Hayes's: adv. de la Serrier.

22 February

Monday. Write p. 38. Hartley, p. 157: Groenvelt, p. 121. Dine at Dan Lister's: evg Hayes's. 

28 February

Sunday. Write p. 58/2, 53, 54, 55/2. Calonne, Lettre au Roi, p. 10. Smith breakfasts: J, Jo & Jno G call: dine at Ht's, w. Cole's: call, w. Ht, on Hayes. Frost, 10 days.

5 March

Saturday. Call on Robinson, Parr (adv. Ht, Street, &c), Davison, Johnson, Hayes, Montagu (adv. Butler), & Davis: dine at Mackintosh's, w. Parr, Courtenay, Moore, Parkes & S P: sup at Foulkes's.  


10 March

Thursday. Means to Prevent, p. 71, fin: Angelina, Vol. II, p. 60. Breakfasts at Montagu's, w. Parr & Wrangham; adv. T Wedgwood: call on Hayes na, Lauderdale, C. Jo G, Kentish n, Crisp na: dine at Opie's: theatre, Child of Nature: call on M Rn na: sup at Twiss.

19 March 

Saturday. Moore, p. 93: Angelina, p. 374. Carr calls: call on J Cooper n, Ritson (adv. Wilson) & miss Hayes: call on miss G n: sup at Adams's. 


29 March

Tuesday. Revise. Thelwal, p. 116, fin. Call on miss Hayes: meet Fenwick: tea Ht's, w. Salomon, B Rancksen, Peltier, Davy, Batty & A A. 


9 April 

Saturday. A A's Comedy. Smith & Younger call: call on E Mansel n, & M Hayes: dine at O'

Connor's, w. Burdet & Barry.


12 April

Tuesday. Revise. Sicilian Lover. Stoddart calls: call on M Hayes: Philomaths, general rules.

16 April

Saturday. Philips calls: call on Hoppner n, dr Moore (adv W Smith), & C Moore (adv Johnson & A Cullen): Debrett's, Barry, Tierney & Weld: meet O'Connor & Burdet & C Marsh: dine at Perry's, w Parr, Porson, Ht, Gordon, D Jones & R Adair: tea miss Hayes, w. Hamilton, Blake, Christal, mrs Gregory & dr Crawford.


21 April

Thursday. Call on Merry, Parr, Inchbald, Ht n, Nicholson, O'Connor, Wolstencraft n, Hayes n, Ritson & Mackintosh: tea Montagu's: sup at Tobin's, w. Leader, White, Scott, Matthews, B M & J St; adv. Tucket.

23 April

Saturday. Merry & M call: call on Imlay (adv. Hayes); Christie, w. Imlay; & H G; & Dyson: Dyson at tea.


26 April

Tuesday. Ami des Loix, acte 3. Dealtry calls: call on Hayes: M dines: sup at Mackintosh's, w. Parrs, Inchbald, Ht, G Moore, Dealtry, Scarlet & Burroughs. 


28 April

Thursday. St Heard, pp. 61. Meet Este, J Gurney, Hodgson; & Sheridan: Exhibition; Crisp & J Taylor: Debrett's; Barry, Biddulph, Perry, Weld & Adair: dine at Ht's: tea Hayes's: sup at Batty's: Foulkes n. Cold. 


6 May

Friday. H C, Vol. II. Tobin calls: M dines: call on Wolstencraft n, Hayes, & Nicholson n: sup at Batty's.


11 May

Wednesday. Victim, p. 329, fin. Call on Hayes, Montagu n & Mansel: theatre, Artaxerses & Doldrum; Whe calls.  


13 May

Friday. Watson, p. 300. Call on Lawrence na (E. of Exeter), Carlisle (adv. Taylor & [ ]), Lauderdale, A A, Dealtry n, Bosville n, J C Banks na, Montagu (adv. Wrangham) & Hayes. Tea Wolstencraft's.


17 May

Tuesday. Hayley, p. 280, fin. Hayes calls: dine at Lauderdale's, w. Tierney & Weld. 


23 May

Monday. Paysan, Pt II/2, III. Barnes & Younger call: Debrett's, Lauderdale, Hanger, Barry, O Connor, Burdet & Ht; Derby, Miller, Maxwel & Parry: call on Hoppner n, mrs Robinson n: tea Hayes's. 


3 June

Friday. Milton's Prose, cala. Allen & Smith, Fraser & Otton calls: call on Hayes. 


5 June

Sunday. M Moore calls, talk of massacre: call on E Mansel (adv. Price), A A (adv. Staley), & Hayes, w. A A: dine at Ht's, adv. Ritson: sup at Mrs Robinsons's.

9 June

Thursday. Ovid, Met. I, 415: Coriolanus, act 1. Tea Hayes's, w. Wolstencraft, A A, Brown, Tookes & Hayes's: Smith bs. 


14 June

Tuesday. Virgil, 556, fin: Ovid, 875; III, 510. Call on Hayes, Opie, & mrs Robinson n: sup at Nicholson's; talk of the poor. 


18 June

Saturday. Virgil, 542: Ovid, 620: Telemaque, p. 88. Meet Tobin: call, w. him, on Montagu; adv. Stoddart & Wordsworth: call on Hayes n: sup at Wt's. 

23 June

Thursday. Virgil, 566: Dunlap's Archers. Fenwick dines: call on Hayes. 


27 June

Monday. Juvenal, Sat. X: Ovid, Lib. V, 250. Call on Lawrence [:] meet Foot: dine at M's: Telegraph; Merry, Este, Robinson, Chalmers & Beaumont: call on Hayes.


29 July

Saturday. Maiden Aunt, acts 1, 2, 3. Younger & Merry call: call on Hayes n, & Robinson: tea Montagu's; adv. Tobin, Matthews & Burrel: call on Brown, w. Montagu. 


1 August

Monday. Essays, p. 8/2, 9, 10. Juvenal, Sat. XV: H Courtney. Call on Wt & Hayes: sup at Twiss's: J G breakfasts. 


5 August 

Friday. Essays, p. 21/2-25. Juvenal, Sat. XI: Conspiration de d'Orleans, p. 143. Hayes calls: call on Wt: dine at Montagu's, w. Hanger & St; adv. Newdon & Tobin. 


7 August

Sunday. Juvenal, Sat. XII. Breakfast at A A; adv. Opie & Batty: call on Hayes, w. A A; & on Inchbald, adv. C M: dine at Ht's, w. Montagu & Stoddart; talk of sceptic & matter. 


12 August

Friday. Essays, p. 33-38. Juvenal, Sat. III, 242: D'Orleans, p. 304. Call on Hayes: sup at Montagu's. 


13 August

Saturday. Essays, p. 38, 39, 40. Juvenal, 322. Dine at Robinson's, w. T & Ja Payne & Chalmers: call on Hayes: sup at Wt's


17 August

Wednesday. D'Orleans, p. 40. J G breakfasts: Mamieson & Fenwick call: call on Inchbald n, M Robinson n & Twiss n: Hayes at Wt's: meet Tierney, mrs Lunan, Weld & Whe


22 August

Monday. Fiesco, p. 228, fin. Tea Hayes's, w. mr Christal. chez elle


30 August

Tuesday. Essays, p. 63/3-66/3. Terence, Andria, Act 1, 2/2. Call on dr Lister: dine at Robinson's, w. Inchbald, Kendal, T Payne & Chalmers: call fin Hayes: Fawcet calls. chez elle, --


3 September

Saturday. Essays, p. 77, 78/2. Stoddart calls. Terence, acts 3 & 4: D'Orleans, p. 292. Theatre; Iron Chest; Wt, Hayes, Wardle, Wilcocke & Morre. Call on miss Hayes.


9 September

Friday. Essays, p. 89-94/2. D'Orleans, p. 364. Call on Northcote: Carlisle calls, n: tea Hayes's, w. Wt & Christal. chez moi, --.


28 September

Wednesday. Monk, p. 282. Write to N Pinkerton. J-Gn breakfasts: Ht, Wt, Stoddart & M call: tea M Hays's. chez elle, --

8 October

Saturday. Essays, p. 118/2-p. 123/2. Terence, Adelphi, acts 2 & 3. Hays & Tobin call. dine. tumour. 


20 October

Thursday. Regicide Peace, pp. 131: Way of the World, fin. Allen, Hayes & St call: Dyson at tea. 


21 October

Friday. Boswel, p. 430. Allen, Carlisle, Montagu, St & Hayes call. 


3 November

Thursday. Essays, p. 128. Ecole des Femmes Maris, act 3. Call on Lawrence, w. Wt; & Hays (adv. Tooke): sup at Wt's, w. mrs Cotton.

9 November

Wednesday. Essays, p. 139, 140. Carlisle's Lecture; call on Hays, adv. Cristal: dine at Its, w. Cotton: theatre, Richard.


12 November

Saturday. Essays, p. 145-148. Rights of W., p. 82. Theatre, Grecian Daughter Lawrence: Hayes's; Tookes, Allen, Bloxam, Crawford, miss Hamilton & Wt: chez moi; --.


24 November

Thursday. Essays, p. 161/2, 162, 163. Wt & Hays call: sup at miss G's, w. Steele & 5 Andersons. 


30 November

Wednesday. Crusoe, p. 35: Locke, &c. Call on Wt; adv. Hays: dine at Reveley's; adv. mrs Eton: chez elle;--. Frost, 11 days. 


2 December

Friday. Crusoe, p. 50. Carlisle's Lecture. Call on Inchd & Mansel: tea Hays's: chez elle; --.

21 December

Wednesday. Essays, p. 213. Dyson calls: tea Hays's: chez elle; --. Frost, 7 days.


28 December

Wednesday. Revise. Italian, p. 174. Dine at Reveley's: call at Tooke's; Barnards, Carrs, Wt, Wishaw & Hays: chez moi. Batley.