25 April Sunday:  I would have gone to breakfast with Kay but was not early enough – I was at last too late to walk and took the stage to Greenwich – Called at Benicke’s by the way and then made a short call at Kay’s. I afterwards went to Mrs Hays – She had made up her mind as to the disposition of her property. I dined with Benickes – a pleasant afternoon – Mr & Mrs Payne and Mrs Burney there and a Mr Natuschi whom I saw at the Unitarian dinner – Mr Fox’s Meeting dinner – On a further conversation he appears to be a mere commonplace liberal – thinking or rather talking on all points as the Us do – He fatigued me – yet he is a very respectable man I have no doubt. Settled with B: his letter to C.J. Abbot about the dedication to him of his book on Averages – Rather a lively afternoon – and a ride home – Packed up at night – occupied till late.

2 November:    This book I finished today – Most unworthy it is of the great subject – yet it contains a few articles not to be met with easily B’s letter on the character of Henry 4thof France – Wise and admirable like all his later and considerate compositions.

     A call from Wood about Masquerier’s purchase with reference to the question of Usury – on which I wrote to M: last week.

     Letter to Miss Hays about the investment of money.

7 November: After breakfasting at Hundleby’s a very pleasant walk to Greenwich and afterwards to Benecke’s – Found Miss H: in great affliction about her sister Lanfare who has a cancer and it threatens her with an early death – Probably it is of a more malignant nature than my poor sister’s – At least the surgeons hold a much more serious language about it.