29 January

Thursday. Call on Davis: tea miss Hayes's: sup miss G's.


14 May

Thursday. Revise. Dine at J Hollis's (D L), w. Dr Lister: tea miss Hayes's, w. Frend, Dyer, Brown, Brooke, &c; talk of God.


24 August

Monday. Revise. Dumouriez, p. 389. Dine at Hayes's: J G at tea, from Norfolk.


12 October

Monday. Gregory, p 228. Call on mrs Shield na, & miss Hayes: dine at Robinson's, w. Ht, Shield, Heath & Chalmers; see dr Moore. 


23 October

Friday. P. J., p. 461. Call on Robinson, Lister hah; Taylor, Hayes, & Porson nah.


8 November

Sunday. Moore, p. 420. Smith breakfasts: dine at Tooke's, w. Joyce, Frost, Tweddel jr & Dyson. Lister & Allen call, hah. miss Hayes, do


10 November

Tuesday. Hume's Eliz, pp. 20: Moore, p. 490. Montagu, Wrangham, Fenwick, Otton & Mcall: tea miss Hayes's,, w. Hills, &c: Philmaths, free will.

25 November

Wednesday. Revise. Call on miss Hayes: dine at Jno Hollis's, w. Lister, Lewis & J Anthony; talk of seditious assemblies.


2 December

Wednesday. Write 10 vs. Call on Reveley nah: dine at M's, w. C: tea miss Hayes's, w. Ht & Brown; talk of causes, &c: sup at Foulkes's.


16 December

Wednesday. Write 4 vs., Hume, p. 168. Call on Inchbald: meet Dyson: eve miss Dyson; evg miss Hayes's.

27 December

Sunday. Inchbald, p. 161. Smith breakfasts: Call on Siddons, nah; adv. Twiss's: dine at Ht's, w. Perry, Gray, col. Barry, Kentish, T, C, M Hayes & E M; adv. Porson