Monthly Magazine (1798)

Monthly Magazine, 6 (December 1798), 456, 517, 520.


Miss Hayes will speedily publish her long expected “Victim of Prejudice” which has only been delayed by the printer. This lady is at present engaged upon a Biographical Work of great and lasting interest to the female world, to contain the lives of illustrious women of all ages and nations. It will probably extend to three or four large volumes duo-decimo; the first of which will be published in the course of 1799.  (456)


In the Supplement, under “Retrospect of Domestic Literature,” we find these comments on Lloyd’s Edmund Oliver:  “Mr. Lloyd’s ‘Edmund Oliver’ has considerable merit: it is levelled at the Godwinean philosophy; with a simplicity of story, and no uncommon coincidence of events, it is rendered interesting from the sentiment which pervades it: and what is of infinitely more difficulty than plot-making, the delineation of character.”  (517)


An Appeal to the Men of Great Britain in Behalf of Women,” is the production of a female pen; it has not the fire, the animation and the originality of Mrs. Wollstonecraft’s work on the same subject, but the author will not have the fewer admirers on that account. We have read the work with pleasure, because the subject ought not to sink into oblivion: the author appears to be an amiable, diffident, and sensible woman.”  (520)