c. late 1795 (2)

Mary Wollstonecraft, [Finsbury Place], to Mary Hays, [30 Kirby Street], undated [c. September 1795, just after her move to Kirby Street].1


    I have promised to dine with Mr Johnson2 tomorrow, and he requested me to invite you. If you have no previous engagement, I will call on you about half after four, as the dining hour is five.

                 yours truly


Saturday Evening –


Send me your exact direction though I do not think that I shall often have occasion to write by the post, now we are so near.

Address: Miss Hays –

1 MS MW 0036, Pforzheimer Collection, NYPL; Brooks, Correspondence 304-05; Todd, Letters 337. 

2 The Unitarian bookseller/printer Joseph Johnson, Wollstonecraft's previous and current publisher and Hays's future publisher.