The letters I have preserved will pretty will indicate who my principal friends then were – They stand thus in my bundle – The Colliers – Pattisson, Amyot, Aldebert, Rutt, Naylor Nash & Miss Hays And Anthony Robinson – I shall have to speak of each hereafter – The absence of Mrs W Clarkson & probably of Sar: Jane Maling would have partly renderd lessend my interest in Bury society – I was not here long enough (I am writing now at Bury) to feel myself yet called upon to determine what course of life to pursue. I was distressed whenever the thought crossed my mind And glad of any excuse for postponing the labour The law was entirely out of my mind – And I felt humbly abot my literary capacity – I thought I might obtain employmt as a translator – and looking back ^now^ I wonder at my ^then^ indolence.