John Langford

John Langford (d. 1790) ministered to the Baptist meeting at Gainsford Street, London, from 1765 to 1777; he authored The exalted state of the faithful Ministers of Christ, after death, described and considered: a Sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. Mr. Geo. Whitefield, late chaplain to the Right Honourable the Countess of Huntington, who died at Newberry in New-England, Sept. 30, 1770, in the 56th year of his age.  Preached on Sabbath-day evening, Dec. 2, 1770  (London, 1770).  According to W. T. Whitley, he left Gainsford Street and removed to the congregation at Church Land, Stepney, in 1778 for a few years.  See The Baptists of London 1612-1928 (London, 1928), pp. 121, 131.