7 March Tuesday: … Then I hastened to Walworth and took tea at Mr. Hays – I found my old friend Mary Hays in her bed room greatly emaciated – she has had the influences and her life in great danger – She is 75 years old and is the very old woman – She was glad to see me and we talked on old times comfortably – I am glad to find that Mr. H’s children will not be unprovided for should he dye.

19 August: … I dined in Colman St and then took an omnibus to Camberwell – I called at Ingram’s pretty cottage on Denmark Hill but he was from Home – and from thence I called at Manning’s – Grove Hill Camberwell – he was from home but I had a long and agreeable chat call – She spoke to me about the want of a school for her eldest daughter of whom she gave me an interesting account – and going afterwards to Mrs. Hays on my way home I found that Mrs. Browne is Mrs. M: the same evening and I think it probable that she will send Wattisfield with whom I chatted about the Crabbs and the Mallows – Talking about her children with earnestness and anxiety. She informs me that M’s eldest brother is becoming rich in New South Wales – so profitable is the growth of sheep.