30 April Thursday: I went down towards Westminster Hall, not being aware this was Holy Thursday and when I learned this I stepped to Amyot with whom I gossipped half an hour –

I came to Chambers – There I received a letter from Rough – the first written with feeling I have yet received, but strange enough – he expresses his pain at hearing I was seriously offended – says he had written a long vindication which was rendered unnecessary by a letter of introduction I had given to a nephew of Miss Hayes – and one to Mr Fenner on the death of my aunt – I looked over law papers.

19 May: I read Term Reports in the forenoon and after 12 made a call on Mrs Smith – one of my visiting arrears I was desirous to discharge – I had an agreeable conversation with her – After an early dinner at Colliers I walked to Peckham and visited my old friend Miss Hayes. She is living very comfortably in the house of a Mr Fenn whose lady keeps a preparatory school – The Fenns appear to be a most amiable family and Miss H. is more comfortable than she has been for a long time. She was today less starch & sentimental & therefore more agreeable than on former occasions so that I shall renew my visit with more alacrity than I made my first. I enjoyed the walk too – The day was very fine and the country exceedingly agreeable – After an early dish of tea I sauntered home by the fields and I was so little indisposed reading for that I spent the Evening reading Term Reports till One.

26 June Friday: I spent the forenoon at home, having sent Davis with a note & books to Peckham for Miss Hayes. …

28 June Sunday: An agreeable day – I had invited myself to dine with Mr Hays at Blackheath – and after writing in my journal &c and calling at Colliers I walked down – The day was as if bespoken, very delightful – and I enjoyed Laharp’s Cours de Literature. Tho’ a trumpery system of criticism, yet there is taste and cleverness in the appreciation of French works at least.

I found the Atkinson family at Black Heath and my friend Mrs M. H. – Mr H. is a sensible man & moderate politician and we talked on the topicks of the day with general agreement of opinion. The garden & views afford a days amusement besides. After tea I was offered a seat in Mr Atkinson’s carriage which I accepted – The young Mr As have been in Spain and with them I had matter for light conversation. I called at Alsager’s but I could not find a bell to his gate – He cuts all his acquaintance it seems. I called at Collier’s but he was already in bed.

5 December: I had a pleasant walk this forenoon to see Miss Hays at Peckham, a grey warm morning, for winter has not yet appeared even in symptoms – I had but little chat with her for we were interrupted by a call from some of her relations. She spoke of Miss Andrews’ affair as known to every one – She had tried to apologise for her. I dined at John Colliers and took tea at Flaxman’s – I read at home in the Evening till late.

9 December:… Read last night & this morning the 1st vol of Lady Morgan’s last novel which I had the virtue at last to throw away & read no more, tho’ to make sure of my triumph I sent it to Mrs Hays. I have suffered more perhaps from the reading of bad books than from all other misemployment of time put together – This seems a mediocre work.