John Dunkin (1727-1809) m. Ann Turner (1723-66/67) 


1. John Dunkin  (1753-1827) m. Joanna Hays (1754-1805) on 11 July 1774

2. William Dunkin (1755-?)

3. Mary Dunkin (c. 1756- 1836) of Horsley-down, Southwark, died in Camberwell and was buried on 2 August 1836, in her 80th year. She is John Dunkin's sister who appears as “Miss Dunkin” (also called "Miss Prudence") in the Hays-Eccles correspondence. She did not marry, but she signed, along with her father, as a witness to the wedding of her younger half-brother, Summerhays Dunkin, to Martha Hemmings, in 1806.

4. Christopher Dunkin (1756, died prior to birth of next Christopher).

5. Henry Dunkin (1758-?)  lives in Southwark

6. Christopher Dunkin (b. 19 January 1759; baptised 21 January 1759 [St. John Horsleydown]; buried 15 March 1825, at Horsleydown, Southwark, m. Mary Eaton [sometimes cited as “Eason”] at Stepney on 8 June 1780. [Probably the same Mary Eaton born on 9 August 1759 in the White Row, Spitalfields Independent church where the Hills attended.]


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