John Hays (1768-1862) m. Elizabeth Atkinson Breese (c. 1781-1832) on 4 May 1812 at St. Bride, Fleet Street, London.

                        John Hays's stepchildren: 


                                      1. Clara Breese m. Frederick Salmon on 24 June 1830

                                      2. Elizabeth Breese (1803-05), 

                                      3. Hannah Bancroft Breese (b. 1805)

                                      4. Elizabeth Bancroft Breese (b. 1810)

John Hays's children:

1.  Elizabeth Hays was born on 4 February and baptized on 6 March 1813, at St. Alphege, Greenwich, while living at the Paragon, Blackheath, to Hays, once again listed as “Merchant.”  


2. Anna Hays was baptized at St. Alphege, Greenwich, on 21 May 1814, and born on 17 April 1814, to Hays, then living at the Paragon, Blackheath, and listed as a “Merchant.” 


3. Henry, was baptized/christened in the Parish church of St Alphege, Grennwich, on 3 May 1817, with the address listed as Paragon, Blackheath, and parents as John and Elizabeth Mary Hays, Gentleman. Birth was on 24 March 1817. 


4. Susanna Hays was born on 20 September 1818 and baptized at St Alphege, Greenwich, on 22 October 1818, while the Hayses were living at the Paragon, Blackheath, with Hays listed as “Gentleman.”  


5. Matilda Mary Hays was born on 8 September 1820 and christened on 7 October 1820 at the Old Church, St. Pancras, London, with Hays listed as living in Doughty Street. 

6.  Albert Hays was baptized in the parish church of St Peter and St Paul, Mitcham, current Borough of Merton, on 24 July 1823, having been born on 22 June 1823. Hays still listed as “Gentleman.”  His address is listed as “Mitcham,” but he had recently moved his family into the impressive home and grounds of  Norwood Lodge. 


[See London, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1917]

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