1 January Saturday:  A morning of calls.  Manning and Jardine not at home. On Miss Hays at Mr Hills of Canonbury – Her sister is still alive but in a deplorable state.  

6 February: … Found Miss Hays in deep affliction at the death of her niece Mrs Francis, and the dying condition of her sister Mrs Lanfere – rather a melancholy visit.  (10th a.m.)  I had a more agreeable visit to the Beneckes to whom I read some of poor Hamond’s papers They interested B: who is a most enlightened as well as zealous Christian. He seems to unite heat and light in the greatest possible degree – his religion is free from all bigotry as from all intolerance.

         We afterwards took a walk – A small party at dinner – I walked home late and I read in bed. Occupied lately in Dawson Turner’s Normandy. It amuses me much.  

6 May Friday:  A morning of calls – On Collier – On Naylor about lending money to a client on mortgage – On Whittaker about Miss Hays’ Female Biography – At the Metrop: and wrote in my journal.

19 June:  … I then called on Mrs Hays and chatted with her till 3 – I had then to cater for myself and I accordingly went to the Crown & Sceptre – a genteel tavern by the water side – There I dined comfortably and then I strolled to Woolwich 2½ miles – There dwell Mr and Mrs Haffenden – I have not seen them above once for more than 20 years. Mrs H: I saw a great deal of when a lad and tho’ I have no great respect or kindness for her I felt curious to see her after so long an interval. Mr H: is a little shop-keeper, a quiet respectable old man 70 years of age, he is a Unitarian. He has been unfortunate in business but is now living decently. He was at home, recognised me, and like myself was not displeased to have old times brought to his recollection. She was from home, whom I chiefly wished to see – I sat an hour – Then walked round by Benecke’s with whom I sat a short time and strolled home late after a day of considerable enjoyment – respectable idling at least. My other days are mere idling with a shew of business.

15 December Thursday:  A very fine day succeeded to the gloomy weather of the preceding days – I walked to Greenwich – Found Mrs Hays as usual – very querulous and uncomfortable – her hosts are in trouble and she is besides anxious about her own relations – Indeed the anxiety & solicitude are spreading everywhere. …