Periodical Contributions


Invocation to the Nightingale.” The Lady’s Poetical Magazine, or, Beauties of British Poetry (London:  Harrison, 1781), vol. 2, 464-65. [signed "Miss Heys."] [Republished in Colman and Thornton’s 1785 edition of Poems by the Most Eminent Ladies of Great-Britain and Ireland (vol. 1, 109-10).]

Ode to her Bullfinch: By the Same.” The Universal Magazine 77 (1785), 329.

A Sonnet: by Miss Hays.” The Universal Magazine 77 (1785), 329.

[All three poems appear in Letters and Essays, Moral and Miscellaneous (1793).] 



Observations on The Sorrows of Werter, To the Editor of the Universal Magazine,” signed “M. Hays,” The Universal Magazine 76 (December 1784), 317-18. Also appeared in The Edinburgh Magazine 1 (January 1785), 22-24.

The Hermit; an Oriental Tale,” signed “M. Hays,” The Universal Magazine 78 (April 1786), 204-09 (part 1); May (1786), 234-38 (part 2).

Review of G. Walker's Theodore Cyphon: or, the Benevolent Jew. A Novel [unsigned]. 3 vols. Crosby, 1796.  Analytical Review 23 (June 1796), 600-01.

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 1 (June 1796), 385-87. "Reply to J. T. on Helvetius." Signed "M. H."

Review of  Elizabeth Hamilton's Translation of the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah; written previous to, and during the Period of his Residence in England. To which is prefixed a preliminary Dissertation on the History, Religion, and Manners of the Hindoos [unsigned]. 2 vols. Robinsons. Analytical Review 24 (October 1796), 429-31.

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 3 (January, 1797), 26-28.  "Defence of Helvetius." Signed "M. H." 

Review of A Gossip’s Story, and a Legendary TaleBy the Author of Advantages of Education. [signed 'V.V.']. 2 vols., Longman, 1796. Analytical Review 25 (January 1797), 25-26. 

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 3 (February 1797), 141. "Original Poetry of the Late Mrs. Brooke." Signed "M. H."    

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 3 (March 1797), 193-95.  "Improvements Suggested in Female Education." Signed "M. H."

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 3 (May 1797) 358-60.  "Are Mental Talents Productive of Happiness." Signed "M. H."

Review of J. Fox, Santa Maria: or, The Mysterious Pregnancy [signed 'V.V.'], 3 vols, Kearsley, 1797.  Analytical Review 25 (May 1797), 524.

Review of The Inquisition [signed 'V.V.']. 2 vols. Vernor and Hood, [n.d.]. Analytical Review 26 (June 1797), 77-78. 

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 4 (September 1797), 180-81.  "On novel-writing."

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 4 (September 1797), 232-33. Obituary on Wollstonecraft [unsigned].

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 4 (October 1797), 245. Hays affixing her name to the previous obituary on Wollstonecraft [signed "Mary Hays"].

Review of M. De Florian's Estelle, with an Essay upon Pastoral. Translated from the French [signed 'V. V.'].Translation by Mrs. Susanna Cummins.   2 vols. Wright. Analytical Review 27 (January 1798), 203.

Review of Calef: a Persian Tale [signed 'V.V.']2 vols. Hookham and Co., 1798. Analytical Review 27 (February 1798), 297-98.

Review of The Castle of the Rock, or Memoirs of the Elderland Family. By the Author of Derwent Priory [Signed, “V.V.”].  3 vols. Symonds, 1798.  Analytical Review 27 (March 1798), 418-19.

Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft.” The Annual Necrology, for 1797-8; including, also, various articles of neglected biography. London: Richard Phillips, 1800.  411-60.

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 9 (July 1800), 523-24. "Remarks on Dr. Reid on Insanity."

Letter to the Editor, Monthly Magazine 10 (September 1800), 135-36. Hays on Robert Hall’s Modern Infidelity. 

“Mrs. Charlotte Smith.” Public Characters of 1800-1801. London: R. Phillips, 71 St. Paul’s Church Yard, 1801. 42-64.