Table of Contents

     I.         Letter to Mr. – on the Meliorating and Beneficial Effects of Pulpit Elocution

  II.         Thoughts on Civil Liberty.

III.         On the Influence of Authority and Custom on the Female Mind and Manners

IV.         Letters to Mrs. – with a Sketch of the Family of Sempronia. History of

         Melville and Serena. 

  V.          Letter to the same in continuation. – The Story of Melville and Cecilia.

VI.        Letter to Miss Elizabeth. With an Account of the younger Daughters of 

         Sempronia, Martha, Ann, and Charlotte.

VII.       Letter to Mrs. – on reading Romances, &c.

VIII.    Letter to the same – with Henrietta, a Tale.

IX.         Letter to Amasia – with a Ketch of the Characters of Hortensius and 


  X.          Cleora, or the Misery attending unsuitable Connections. By E. H.

XI.         Josepha, or the pernicious Effects of Early Indulgence. By E. H.

XII.      Letter to Amasia, on Materialism and Necessity.

XIII.    Letter to Mr. – on Materialism and Necessity.

XIV.    Remarks on Conversation and Friendship.

XV.        Letter to Amasia, on a future State.

XVI.    Letter to the same, on Human Nature.

XVII.   A Fragment, in the Manner of the old Romances.

XVIII.  Zeibriel the Hermit – an Eastern Tale.

XIX.       An Invocation to the Nightingale.

XX.         A Sonnet.

XXI.       A Sonnet.

XXII.     Ode to a Bullfinch.