Paragon Place, Walworth

2 Paragon Place, Walworth



First appears in a letter of 11 July 1794; last reference on 28 July 1795. John Dunkin moved into the spacious mansion at the Paragon in 1792 (see his subscription to Robert Robinson’s tome, Ecclesiastical Researches). The home was large enough for the Dunkins and Mary and her mother and most likely Elizabeth (and possibly Marianna Hays) to live here. Mary opts out, of course in 1795 and moves across the river. Thomas Hays appears to remain at Gainsford Street; he marries in 1796 and occupies the residence for several years, after which Mrs Hays and Elizabeth take over again at Gainsford Street. Paragon Place, Walworth, was built by Michael Searles in 1788, and the Blackheath Paragon c. 1798. He lived at no. 6, just  around the corner from the Dunkins. The Walworth Paragon Place was situated at the junction of the new and old Kent Roads (what is today Searles Road); the original Paragon Place was demolished in 1898. In 1798 John Dunkin moved into a mansion at Champion Hill, near Camberwell, and Mrs Hays had returned to Gainsford Street until 1803, when she left to live with one of her sons in Camberwell.